March 22, 2017

Exploring The Outdoors

For my peers and myself the natural world is inviting and exciting. We have the ability to push our limits and surpass the limitations of what we thought we were capable of. Maybe it's spending an extra night at a campsite, or hiking an additional mile. Progress is made by going pushing past our comfort zones, and stepping into a new level of self understanding and perhaps even a new level of self appreciation. When we can see ourselves in a new light then we can see how to better treat ourselves. Maybe next time we won't drink that soda because we want a full nights rest to be able to feel energized to hike a newly discovered trail. Perhaps we'll stop consuming harmful products and take better care of ourselves so we can fully envelop ourselves into an experience that we once weren't  capable of enjoying as much because our mental and physical status was thwarted by junk.
Rattle Snake SL2 mtnGLO
For Some people getting out and exploring can be as simple as just going for a walk in a new spot in town, or for others it could be climbing the highest peak in the world from a never before climbed route. Each and every person has their own limits, and no there's no right or wrong. Just what is within the capabilities of each individual. No matter what or where the adventure takes you, just remember to get out and push your limits. After all if you want to get somewhere you've never been you'll have to do something you've never done.

If you fill up a water bottle, get a few food bars, carry a flash light, and taken the unpaved road who knows where you'll end up. It may just be the start to a new adventure and perhaps to a new idea of how to pursue to remainder of your life. Even if you don't climb the highest mountain the world, you can climb your highest mountain by doing something new and exciting. Always remember to take pictures so you can see where you've been. This might give you an idea of where you're going.

Happy trails from us to you and safe travels in all your adventures.

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