June 02, 2016

packing for the Cascades

https://www.bigagnes.com/ When I'm packing for a trip it's important for me to prioritize. I start by organizing my shelter(s). For this trip I need a few different shelter systems. I always carry my Zirkel UL- It's light, packable, and extremely comfortable. I also carry my Q-Core sleeping pad, and the Bedroll. What's going to be switching out is the Bivy, the Rattle Snake, and the Battle Mountain. I like using the Bivy for quick naps at altitude, and the Rattle Snake works great as a day use tent, and for quick overnight trips. The Battle mountain is an expedition type tent, that is primarily used high altitudes, and extreme winds.
 The second items I pack are my clothing. I sort them out according to layers. since I'm already wearing my base layer, I just need to prep for the condition at hand. From Left to right I have my soft shell layers, then my insulating layers plus a down parka, and on the right are my hard shell layers. These can easily be swapped out depending on my body's thermo regulation. You never want to be too hot or too cold, so being able to quickly adjust to the environment is vital to the success of any adventure. For the Soft Shells I use Outdoor research, same goes for the insulating layer, the down parka is the Big Agnes Shovelhead. This thing is a heat machine, and will handle some pretty cold temps. For the shell I use a Gore-Tex Jacket, and non Gore-Tex bottom.
No kit is complete without the right tools to get the job done. When out climbing mountains it's imperative to be adequately geared up. It literally means the difference between life and death. when I'm doing solo mountaineering climbs, I bring the essentials. Ice Axe, Crampons, and of course boots. I use 2 main types of boots depending on the conditions. The Spantiks are double boots, capable of being used for snow boarding, as well as high altitude mountaineering. The Trango Cubes are used for really solid alpine assents where I don't expect to spend too much time on the mountain, and the weather is warm enough to where my socks will provide the majority of the insulation. The ascendance are mainly for mountains where I am likely to encounter fixed lines, and I can clip myself into a fixed rope system with the use of a sling (not shown). 

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