March 26, 2016

Expedition You Are Not Alone

Destination Denali Expedition You Are Not Alone Epyc Adventures Active Heroes
Expedition You Are Not Alone is an event to raise awareness for Veteran Suicide, PTSD, and individuals looking to inspire and motive others. Active Heroes is a Non-Profit Organization on a mission to support Active duty personnel, Veterans, and their families through physical, educational, and emotional programs providing coping skills and eliminate suicide. Alex Tufail is a wounded veteran, and wants to raise awareness for veterans who suffer from mental illness, and he is bringing light to the 22 veteran suicides a day With help from The You Are Not Alone Project: A Public journal, and Active Heroes. They are in the business of helping people find their passion for life, and providing programs to aid those affected by PTSD through outdoor adventure and exploration. Together they are hoping that all those involved from Veterans to civilians will participate in reaching out to others who are in need of support. The Expedition Starts at the US/ Mexico Border in San Diego county, and ends at the Summit of the highest mountain in North America; Denali.  We hope to pave the way to self-discovery through writing by placing Geo Caches in the form of Journals along the expedition route that others can find, and leave their mark on our mission. The journal project is to let individuals know that they are never alone, and that no matter if a life situation is amazing or tragic, lonely or full of love; they are forever connected and their words will become proof of that.
Section 1: Bike
The Biking Section of the event takes place from Tecate, California at the US/ Mexico Border, to Talkeetna Alaska. This portion of the event will take 140 days to complete and will cover 4,578 miles.
Section 2: Climb
The climbing section is being attempted by the western Route of Denali via the West Butress Route on the Kahiltna Glacier. This 26 day climb will start at the base of the glacier, and peak on the South Summit of Denali and end with a decent via the West Buttress route. Alex will be flown off the mountain from there and will be brought to Talkeetna .
Event Outcome:
Our end goal is to raise awareness for those that feel they are forever alone. We want to enhance the perspective of the outdoors, and to give people something to work towards as an intrinsic motivator. We understand that everyone wants to have their own experience in nature, but for those that are afraid or disgusted by the idea of being outside we feel this project might be a turning point for how they view themselves and the world in which they interact with.
Expedition You Are Not Alone EPYC Adventures Destination Denali Pedal Steady Pedal Steady Destination Denali

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